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Adventures of the Homeless
Author Name: J.R. Singh
Subject: Fiction
ISBN: 0595532063
Size of Book: 8.0 x 5.0
Book Pages: 100
Price: $8.95
Date Submitted: April 06, 2010
Name Of Reviewer: Michael J. Carson Name Of Publication: Midwest Book Review April 06, 2010

Absorbing and enlightening all the way to the last page

Escaping from poverty isn't as easy as shaving and getting a job, the latter which isn't easy at all. "Adventures of the Homeless" is about one man trying to free himself and his close friends from existence as vagrants and hobos. But there is a reason why they were in such a position in the first place, as their addictions and other problems soon sneak up behind them. A sad look into the experience of the poor, "Adventures of the Homeless" is absorbing and enlightening all the way to the last page.

Adventures of the Homeless is a lively, fictional story that describes the struggles of a Jewish man who sets out to liberate his friends and himself from poverty, and to overcome his mental illness. Amid these undertakings, he is confronted with violence, discrimination, and problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse. “Adventures of the Homeless” is the fourth in a series of books that are based on allegorical, fictional and non-fictional themes, covering a broad range of multicultural issues.