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Book Reviews
America's Controversies
Author Name: Ksenija Arsic
Subject: The Death Penalty, Clinton's Presidency, And Export Of Democracy To Nicaragua
ISBN: 1595264809
Size of Book: 6" x 9"
Book Pages: 152
Price: 12.95
Date Submitted: April 09, 2010
America's Controversies is a collection of the author's research papers, written while pursuing a masterís degree in political science at the University of Guelph in Canada. The papers cover a variety of issues regarding American politics, addressing such topics as the death penalty, a seeming anachronism in the most developed, civilized, and democratic society in the world; American international policy and U.S. influence in promoting democracy in Latin America, in particular Nicaragua; and the legacy of one of the most intriguing and controversial of American presidentsóBill Clinton.