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Book Reviews
The Wizard Of Odd
Author Name: Soda
Subject: Fiction/Fantasy/Young Adult
ISBN: 9781605941967
Size of Book: 5 x 8
Book Pages: 135
Price: $12.95
Date Submitted: April 12, 2010
Name Of Reviewer: Dom Smith Name Of Publication: Sphere Webzine April 12, 2010

"The Wizard of Odd makes for top quality entertainment that is geared toward the playful child that is within us all. We would suggest this book to people who like their fantasy with some serious twists and a fair bit of action. ****/5"

Young Donovan Bale is the only survivor of a plane crash. He awakens in a strange city called Baziel, otherwise known as Cloud City, to a whole new world. Few humans can actually see the pink and blue inhabitants, but he happens to be of the special few. As fate would have it, he arrives just in time to help the city fight a terrible witch who has captured their wizard and wages a war of darkness. Donovan—accompanied by his stuffed rabbit, Toby, who comes to life in Cloud City—meets many strange friends. Together they undertake a treacherous journey through a haunted forest, into battle with deformed flying pigs, and all the way up to a horrifying castle. As he helps defend a city he never knew existed, he learns about himself and about life. The emotional and physical stress of this quest affects Donovan and his brave young friends, but they soon find out that if they believe and work together, they can beat the darkness. If he can help defeat the witch, he’ll go down in Cloud City history. And if they win, the biggest wish of all will be granted. But it won’t be easy. Can he free the wizard? Is he brave enough? What will he wish for? Come join Donovan on his trip through this enchanting land of light and dark.