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The Manhattan Transfer
Author Name: Howard Greenberg
Subject: Fiction
ISBN: 9781605945712
Size of Book: 6x9
Book Pages: 318
Price: $25.95
Date Submitted: December 29, 2010
Name Of Reviewer: Greta Marlow Name Of Publication: Polaris Reviews December 29, 2010

The Manhattan Transfer

By Howard Greenberg


Reviewed by Greta Marlow, Polaris Reviews

You’ve heard of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?  Well, this isn’t it; it’s more like Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous.  Set in the high profile background of the Big Apple, the Russian mob from Little Odessa approaches the Italian Mafia with a proposal: a gambling casino in Manhattan itself.  All it will take is a transfer of a large land holding for a smaller one owned by the government, millions upon millions in bribes (called campaign contributions), as well as a lot more influence than the Russian mob can command.  But it’s a great idea whose time has come, and the big boys in the Mafia go for it, dropping hundreds of millions in ill-gotten gains and getting what they want in the usual style: using fear, money, coercion, and muscle as needed.

The back room plans approach fruition, but things begin to unravel when artifacts are discovered on the building site, muddying the already murky waters, and sealing the fate of all who are involved.  Deals made in stylish restaurants and cafés across the island come apart as they meet the one obstacle they cannot vanquish: the past. 

With deals, double-crosses, blackmail, the law, and millions of dollars being thrown into the mix, The Manhattan Transfer is a feast for the senses.

The Manhattan Transfer showcases retiring New York City hero cop, Richard Weiss. After finding his best friend John suddenly dead, he forms a bond with Johnís business partner, Janice Eastman. Her goal is to complete research on government land in Manhattan slated for sale and transfer to private investors. While Eastman and Weiss are attempting to complete Johnís work, they unwittingly become major targets for elimination by underworld sources: the Sardona organization based in the Little Italy neighborhood of lower Manhattan and the comparatively new, but equally ruthless and cunning, Dandakova crime family of the Little Odessa Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn. The research can jeopardize the plans of both families to build and own a casino in New York City. Along with the potential of damaging news from Eastman, mistrust and deceit permeate this unholy alliance of rivals. Backroom wheeling and dealing abound as each family strives for more wealth, power, and prestige among their peers. Blackmail and millions of dollars have already induced Michael K. Glazer, an up-and-coming politician, to lend his political savvy, knowledge, and connections needed for them to fulfill their goals. With his support, the crime bosses think most of the difficult obstacles will be eliminated. Only one hurdle remains. The work being done by Janice Eastman, her company, Find the Past, and her new friend Richard Weiss. With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake and the future well-being of both families, only time and good fortune will determine the final outcome. About the Author: Howard Greenberg, a retired New York City school teacher and administrator of more than thirty-five years, now resides in Lake Worth, Florida. He received his Bachelorís degree from Long Island University, Masterís degree from Brooklyn College, and post-graduate degree from Richmond College. His entire immediate family was also involved in education as well as law enforcement. During his early adult years in New York, he worked with and for numerous politicians. This is his first novel.