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Book Reviews
Spirals: The Connection
Author Name: Deborah Greenspan
Subject: metaphysics; mysticism
ISBN: 9781605945880
Size of Book: 5x8
Book Pages: 172
Price: 12.95
Date Submitted: December 29, 2010
Name Of Reviewer: L.H. Name Of Publication: Amazon Reader December 29, 2010

5 stars! Wonderfully Healing"This amazing, well-organized little book surprised me in that when I had finished reading it, I realized that I had forgiven several people who had caused me Horrific hurts, without even trying! Understanding was enough. Because the author put into words her own mystical experience and applied it in a practical way to life, I am changed. I immediately purchased 10 copies to give away because I wanted to share what's in this book." 

Name Of Reviewer: Claire Raksin Name Of Publication: Polaris Reviews November 13, 2012

Spirals is beautifully written and conveys complex ideas that many understand but few can articulate.  This book is unforgettable.  Some have found it healing. For me, it was an experience that rocked me to the core: enlightening, spiritual, beautiful.  I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever asked questions of reality and is still looking for answers. 

"One day, at the age of sixteen, I sat at the back of the school bus wondering about life. Suddenly, the slamor of the other students faded out.... In that timelss moment, I understood everything.... It was as if I had seen God. I understood the number of creation, the rhythm of the cosmos, the art of life. I was awestruck. If the universe were a million disconnected words, I had seen the grammar that gave them meaning. If the world were a mass of random colors, I had seen the design that turned it into a painting. If all of creation could be described as music, I had seen the sustaining rhythm that gave it unity and purpose. If life were a story, I had seen the intention that made it live...." Thus begins "Spirals: The Connection," a journey through time and space. Going to the core of mysticism, it discusses how this vision impacts thought, belief, and behavior, and how it affects our ordinary lives.