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The Girl on the Bench
Author Name: Margarita Acosta
Subject: Children's Books
Size of Book: 26087 KB
Book Pages: 38
Price: 15.96 (3.99 on Kindle)
Date Submitted: December 13, 2013
Name Of Reviewer: Daniel J. Neumann Name Of Publication: December 13, 2013
Margarita’s Acosta’s The Girl on the Bench is a heart-warming children’s adventure concerning a little girl and her dog, Preston. Each chapter of this book starts the same way. Ramona (the little girl) reads a book to her dog, while they relax on the bench in a park. Not only does this convention provide structure to the divergent plotlines; Ramona’s love for books encourages children to follow suit and read. The illustrations are colorful—full of life—and they flood my mind with the nostalgia of childhood imagination. I love that the pictures are (or at least appear to be) colored in by crayons. Each illustration demonstrates a concept from the previous page of text and primes the adventure to emerge on the next page. When a colorful snake slithers by Ramona and her dog, she says, “It might be harmful, Preston, but it is probably scared of us. Maybe it entered this cave for safety. I am sure there are other cave dwellers here. Maybe we will get to see some bats and spiders.” She knows to be cautious around the snake, yet doesn’t demonize the animal. In fact, she has a healthy curiosity towards the full diversity of life forms that are living in the cave. This strikes a careful balance between carefulness and inquisitiveness. Ramona’s conversations with animals are cute and memorable. Additionally, they teach understanding. After all, each animal is clearly different than the little girl, Ramona, and her dog, Preston. I think this book fosters healthy social skills and an appreciation for literature. The book is the perfect length for one long sitting or three brief bed-time stories. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.
Ramona just loved storybooks! Her imagination would take her Into the story itself…right along with her best friend, her dog Preston!!!